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OEM Products Showcase

Some of the OEM products FutureVideo has designed and manufactured over the years for our customers are shown here and span a variety of different applications:

Application: Video Editing (linear/non-linear)

Canopus Jog/Shuttle Controller

Application: Sports

3 Machine Controller
6 Machine Controller

Application: Military Debriefing Systems

1 Machine Controller with VITC reader
4 Machine Controller with VITC reader
32 Machine Controller with IR remote control
RS-422A Emulation Card with VITC reader
CATS Video Tape Synchronization Software

FutureVideo Showcase of Previously Designed Hardware and Software Products.

Some of the products that FutureVideo has marketed over the last 18 years are shown here and illustrate the innovative and award winning designs.

Application: Video Editing Hardware Products

Stand-Alone 2 Machine Edit Controllers
PC Plug- in Card 2 Machine Controller
Portable SMPTE Time Code Generator

Application: Video Editing Software

V-STATION Window’s Editing Software
OUTPOST Print-to-Tape Editor Software

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